Kiryat Moshe Educational Campus 

The educational campus in the locality of Mitzpe Jericho was established by Rabbi Shabtai sabato
The campus is located in the settlement of Mitzpe Yeracho, in the heart of the desert, in front of Mount Nevo, where the silence and purity unique to the magical desert landscape, expand the mind and open the heart to spiritual and inner worlds.
The trend of the educational campus is to raise scholars of Bnei Torah, people of virtue, visionaries, who are involved in the needs of the generation and the hour and work for the redemption of Israel, each according to his skills.
This trend is reflected in the many graduates of the Kirya who are engaged in educational - Torah activities in Israel and around the world: heads of yeshivas, heads of kollels, rabbis and community rabbis. Pioneers who are partners in strengthening settlement throughout our country, military personnel, scientists, and more ...


From the Kirya institutions:

* Netivot Yosef High School Yeshiva - About 300 students study secular and secular studies at the yeshiva. The level of education is high and requires excellence.
The meeting is characterized by a very high level of social life and activities. In the evening, the meeting is led by a talented and professional informal educational team.
Among many of the students, the task is completed to finish the Shas Gemara proficiently and to fully and completely encompass the Mishnah.
* High Yeshiva 'Maor Tuvia' - The high yeshiva allows each student a long and meaningful study before and after military service, a study that allows the construction of an entire spiritual floor.
The high seating structure allows each guy to enlist at the most appropriate stage in his personal and spiritual development. Some enlist after fewer years and some after more years.
There is a significant personal accompaniment of the yeshiva staff throughout the military issue: before, during and after it.
Yeshiva study is spread over all parts of the Torah. The different and varied classes open the door to students with different styles, and develop each guy according to his ability and inclination.
At the same time, the yeshiva also emphasizes the connection to the whole yeshiva and the whole people of Israel. This educational path in the warm and family atmosphere that exists in the yeshiva creates fertilization, creation and innovation, both in learning and in personal development. The yeshiva is attended by about 170 young men and students, yes, there will be more, the students who live in the community and are partners in the educational work in the place and in the entire area.
*  'Yeshua Yom Tov' kolel- including students and a teacher training institute, where about 60 students study.
The Kollel for Halacha was founded within the framework of the high yeshiva from Or Tuvia and is currently headed by Rabbi Yaakov, his grandmother, who fills the very missing place of the late Rabbi Kedar.
* The Court of Appointments - The tribunal is a division of the Institute "and you walked in its ways" that deals with the development of the doctrine of morality in the Land of Israel, and is headed by the head of the High Yeshiva, Rabbi Yitzchak Sabtu.
The activity of the tribunal will take place under the guidance of the yeshiva heads, and led by the yeshiva graduate Rabbi Yeshua Ratbi Shlita, who was ordained a judge and city rabbi by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, and serves as a judge in Mitzpe Jericho, as well as in Eretz Hemda-Gazit Jerusalem.
* Nuclear and Torah Factories - One of the highlights of the educational campus and the high yeshiva are the nuclear nuclei and enterprises that continue to draw the light of the Torah of the Land of Israel that shines in the yeshiva to the center of the country.
To date, graduates of the High Yeshiva have established nuclei in a number of places, including Ramat Hasharon, Netanya, Kiryat Ono, Savyon, and Givatayim.

Hundreds of yeshiva alumni serve as teachers and educators and continue to influence the light of the yeshiva. And dozens of rabbis from the yeshiva of the high yeshiva lead congregations

and synagogues.

The Recorded Talmud - The head of the yeshiva, Rabbi Shabtai Sabto, works mainly to instill the study of Shas through the method of learning proficiency, and for this purpose the rabbi founded the "Recorded Talmud Institute", recorded lessons on all Shas by the rabbi himself. The institute has existed and worked for decades And sold over 3 million tapes in Israel and abroad

and caused many Torah to be spread among the people of Israel.

The Visual Talmud - Rabbi Shabtai Sabto  even published a number of booklets in the "Visual Talmud" series - unique charts that help in understanding the issues of the Gemara. The booklets are intended for learning in schools around the country and today these booklets are used in over 200 schools to understand complex Shas issues through impressive visual diagrams that ultimately lead to a correct understanding of the issue.


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